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Educate yourself the fundamentals of food

Food is essential for the creation, growth, and maintenance of our body. It is usually also the cause of gradual or rapid deterioration of the body. It is thus essential to learn about foods so that we can wisely choose from the whole range of products offered to us.

Nature has made all animals, including human, to have the capacity to survive for a long time in the absence of food availability. Animals thus consume food at a very high rate when food is plentiful, mainly carbohydrates, and store it into body fat for the lean periods. In the case of human, food is always plentiful, especially if you leave out poor people in the have-not nations. Thus if we follow the nature, we will continue to eat and gain weight, forever.

Some people have naturally high metabolic rate. They burn energy at a higher rate than normal and thus can eat more without appearing chubby. Some absorb foods poorly into body. They can eat a lot without gaining weight. Most of us have normal metabolism and normal, efficient food absorption. Neither sustained high metabolism nor inefficient food absorption is sign of a healthy body. So, don't envy such people.

Another group of people have rather low metabolic rate. The calories they require to maintain basic function is much lower than normal. These people may not lose weight, even gain some, on a diet some others of the same body weight would lose weight on. They need to determine their food requirement based on their lower metabolic rate.