CarboWatch diet fundamentals

As a rule of thumb, weekly calorie requirement of an active person is about 100 calories per pound of body weight. That is 20,000 calories per week if you weigh 200 lbs. If your targeted weight is 170 lbs, your eventual calorie requirement will be 17,000 calories per week. If you keep your calorie intake to 17,000 calories per week, you will slowly start losing weight and it could take more than a year to reach the targeted weight. It is because you need to reduce calorie intake by 4000 calories to lose 1 lb of body weight, and as you approach your targeted body weight, your calorie intake requirement reduces.

For most people in 200 lbs or higher weight category, it is not difficult to lose weight at the rate of 2 lbs (about 8000 calories) per week by a combination of increased exercise and reduced food intake. This level of weight loss is quite perceptible and thus encouraging, even when it is blurred by the day-to-day variation in the body weight due to changing water retention in the body. Intense exercise, like playing tennis, for an hour and a half per day, five days a week can easily burn 4000 calories; that is 1 lb per week of excess body weight. Additional 1 lb a week can be lost easily by watching carbohydrate intake.